Local CHPs are part of a big step towards a healthy environment by successful energy transition.

According to the principle of cogeneration of heat and power they produce electricity and additionally use the heat that releases for local purposes such as heating or process heat in industry.

In this way, CHPs achieve high effectiveness and utilise more than 90 % of the primary energy.

We offer you customized flue systems for CHPs. Supported by the competent Jeremias experts, we have the right dimensioned solution for any CHP in a power range of under 2,5kW up to 50kW.

For smaller power stations up to 20 kW we have an economical plastic flue system made of polypropylene. You can efficiently execute applications upto 100°C temperature. The single wall stainless steel system EW-KL with a metallic conical surface seal is designed for exhuast gas temperatures up to 600°C. Demanding applications in the same temperature area can also be realized with a double wall, mineral isolated flue system DW-KL. The type DWKH also offers the opportunity of a form-locking and force fit connection. Hence you can construct pressure tight pipes in unfavourable installation places.

All these 4 flue systems of Jeremias are made for a over pressure of 5000 PA, which thereby fulfill the highest requirements of temperature and pressure resistance. Our flue system chimney construction kit is lot easier and faster to install than locally welded options.
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