идеальное решение для всех видов печей

Stoves that work with solid fuels like wood or pellets, produce a languorous heat, which is perfect for heating your room. The exhaust gas that are produced during the burning, are lead through a stove pipe to the chimney or exhaust system.

The combustion process is happening during low pressure, which means that the exhaust gas has to leave through the chimney draught. For this our standard stovepipe FERRO-LUX or the isolated variant ISO-LINE is suitable for a reduced distance to combustible components.

For pellet powered stoves we developed a special exhaust system PELLET LINE. The factory-fitted seal prevents the escape of particle matter during deflagration. The maximum flue gas temperature must not exceed 200°C.

If the system works room air independent then we offer you suitable air supply systems (single/double walled).

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